Angels with Dirty Faces Expand and Add Female Touch

  • By Nick Cantwell
  • April 14, 2017
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If you’re a fan of the UK country scene, you will have certainly heard of ‘Angels with Dirty Faces’, a group we have featured on Belles and Gals before, despite them being an all male 5 piece. However, now that has changed as they have added both Kalli Ashton and Amanda David to the line up.

Kalli Ashton is from Nottingham and released her debut EP ‘Wings’ in 2015 while also receiving airplay from ‘BBC Introducing’. Kalli has a distinctive vocal tone and will be a great addition to the group.

Amanda David is from Northern Ireland and has been a regular performer on the scene and has secured interest from industry types over the last few years (and has appeared on Belles and Gals previously) and brings a great sound and image to the group.

Angels with Dirty Faces are completed by Stuart Landon, Neil Cook, Chris Bucknall, Jack Donald and new drummer Dan Jordan.

Manager, Charlotte Elizabeth of CEI Events – “The dynamic of the band has always been fantastic but adding Kalli and Amanda to the mix has really added that extra dimension. It is a very exciting time for the band. We have a lot of plans in the pipeline and as a team we look forward to moving forward and achieving much more!”

Below are the Angels in action as a five piece with the brilliant ‘Shatter Like Glass’, with a bonus recording of the Southern Companion with a fantastic cover of Ryan Adam’s ‘Firecracker’.



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