Here’s Why Shania Twain’s New Album Needs to be Titled ‘Dark Inspiration’ – Laura K

Finally she is back! Shania Twain made her explosive comeback this past weekend with a sensational live-set at the Stagecoach Festival in California where she debuted her long-awaited new single titled ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ which will be officially released this June. The insanely catchy track is the first to be lifted off Twain’s new album-her first in 15 years-which will drop this September, and is her first new single since ‘Today Is Your Day’ which was released back in 2011.
So far there have been seven song titled off the new record confirmed, including the new single title ‘Life’s About To Get Good’. The song titles are: ‘Swinging With My Eyes Closed’, ‘Life’s About To Get Good’, ‘Light Of My Life’, ‘Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl’, ‘We Got Something They Don’t, ‘I’m Alright’, and ‘Hard To Love’. All of which have been inspired by the break-up of her marriage, battle with Dysphonia and finding love with her new husband Fred.
And it is the inspiration behind the album that makes me think the perfect title for the new album would be ‘Dark Inspiration’. In recent interviews Shania has openly admitted that most songs on the LP start out rather dark-which is clear with her new track-which opens with the line “I wasn’t just broken I was shattered”. But she has also confessed that by the chorus most songs become optimistic.
‘Life’s About To Get Good’ gives us a real taste of this what with its catchy chorus, and optimistic/upbeat chorus. There’s no denying that ‘Dark Inspiration’ would make a compelling title and would also have a rather tongue-in-cheek vibe which Twain’s songs are famous for. At the moment there are rumours the LP will be called ‘Triumphant’ but there has been no confirmation of this so far.
Fingers crossed she settles for ‘Dark Inspiration’, as I think this would be the perfect title. The album has been inspired by very dark times in her life so it makes sense to have a name that reflects that. But whatever the album name we just can’t wait to have it on repeat from September.
Article written by Laura K

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