Margo Price album news/single review by Lesley Hastings

  • By Nick Cantwell
  • September 8, 2017
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Ever since the release of her four track EP “Weakness” which I recently reviewed here (well, to be truthful since she released “Midwest Farmers Daughter” last year!) I’ve been eagerly awaiting news of Margo’s next album and finally there was an update yesterday!

“ All American Made” will be out on October 20th, it is available to pre-order now and of the twelve tracks only one was on the recent EP so ( yes, do the maths!) that makes for eleven brand new songs ( track listing below).  Sadly not the double album that was rumoured, but there’s much to look forwards to including guest vocals by none other than Willie Nelson on one track, “Learning to Lose”, and who can’t be intrigued by the title “Cocaine Cowboys”?
Already available to purchase/download is the single “A Little Pain” which on first listen brought to mind the vibe of the legendary Sam and Dave’s “Soul Man”. Margo laments about about the pressures of life as a touring musician “I please everybody except for myself”, there’s references to snatched moments with her family  (“I come home, I gotta leave”) and she admits that her “reality is only make believe”.  But ultimately it’s not too bad as “a little pain never hurt anyone”, which is the song’s really catchy hook.  I particularly liked the clever Levon Helm reference, ” I ain’t in it for my health” , which is the title of the documentary about The Band’s founder member’s last few years before his death in 2013 from throat cancer. There’s a great instrumental break where keys feature strongly, and if any of you have seen Margo live I’m sure, like me, you can picture her strutting around the stage with her tambourine when this is performed at concerts. I must say I think the addition of a brass section would have been the icing on the cake…..but it’s there in my imagination!

Margo has already announced a string of concerts stateside to promote the album, the “ Nowhere Fast” tour which I’m hoping will eventually reach the UK next year.

All American Made Track List:

1. Don’t Say It
2. Weakness
3. A Little Pain
4. Learning to Lose (featuring Willie Nelson)
5. Pay Gap
6. Nowhere Fast
7. Cocaine Cowboys
8. Wild Women
9. Heart of American
10. Do Right By Me
11. Loner
12. All American Made

Review/Article written by Lesley Hastings


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