Emily Frith – “One Day” EP Review

We first picked upon Emily Frith last year, a UK base singer who has built up a good following on social media through her music. Just a couple of weeks ago we featured “You and I”, the lead single from her new EP and today we are delighted to review the EP itself.

“One Day” begins with “Fall”, a song about falling in love. This is a mid-tempo number which has a slightly quirky feel. I like the production of this, especially the way song grows from the middle eight onwards. This is a fine opener and sets the scene perfectly for the rest of the EP.

“Figure You Out” is next. This is a slightly slower number where the singer questions somebody else and tries to work out what they’re all about. “Are you scared of something you can’t control? Is there a storm raging on in your soul?” she asks. Throughout the song Emily performs her own backing vocals too, giving the song a slightly mournful feel, which country fans will certainly find appealing.

The title track sits in the middle of the EP. “One Day” is a song where the singer looks to the future with hopes and dreams. The chorus of this song is a real highpoint and this is perhaps the ‘biggest’ song on the EP. Once again this song builds nicely, before coming to a gentle end.

The penultimate song is “I Think We Should”. This number opens up with a guitar track that really grabs you. The lyric “Would you please stay a little longer, cos I think you and I have got it good” tell the story of the song. “I Think We Should” is a song that stays in your head long after you’ve listened to it.

“One Day” is a fine debut for Emily Frith. The collection of five songs grabs you from the start, with Emily’s distinctive vocals and her song writing bringing it all together perfectly. Emily has a subtleness in her performance – it’s never too bold or brash and this gives the EP an endearing quality. It’s always fantastic to see new UK artists come on the scene and Emily Frith is a fine addition to that list. I look forward to hearing more!

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Below is an interview Emily Frith recorded alongside her friend and fellow country singer Maisie Johnson for Belles and Gals earlier this year at the C2C festival in London.

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