Interview with ‘The Adelaides’

The Adelaides might be one of the newest additions to the UK country scene, but they have certainly made their mark already. Playing one of their first live sets at Country Music Week, the ladies came off stage to rave reviews and the trio look like they are all set to make a major impact! I caught up with Paris, Abi and Alicia to talk Country Music Week, their careers so far and fantasy dinner parties!

Hi Paris, Abi and Alicia! Can I first ask how the three of you got together and formed ‘The Adelaides’? And why the name?

Paris: Hello! Well actually myself and Abi met a few years ago and were in a different band together. It wasn’t until a few months ago that we decided to part ways with that band and start a country-pop trio with Alicia. I found her videos on YouTube and decided to get in touch to see if she’d be interested and luckily for us she was and we had our first rehearsal a few days later!
Alicia: We took inspiration from the film Calamity Jane- for those that aren’t familiar with it, there is a character called Adelaid Adams who was a really popular show-girl so we decided to call ourselves The Adelaides after her.

How would you describe your sound? And fans of which other artists might be attracted to your music?

Abi: We would describe our sound as commercial country with elements of pop. We think fans of artists such as Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini & Lady Antebellum would really like our music.
Alicia: We like to focus on making sure our lyrics are meaningful to us and hopefully our audience can relate to it.

You recently appeared at the Borderline as part of the fantastic Country Music Week. This was one of your first live appearances together? That was quite an introduction! How exciting was the gig?

Paris: We really loved performing at the Borderline and to be introduced to fans of country music! We’d been working hard in rehearsals so we were SO pleased that it came across well!
Abi: We are all massive country fans so it was really great to see the other performers that day too!

On the back of your performance, you have also announced representation and management deals. The future is looking bright! This must give you an extra confidence as you move forward?

Abi: We’re very grateful for the opportunity that we have and realise how lucky we are to be surrounded by such talented people in the industry. It’s a really exciting time for us right now so we can’t wait for the near future!

Can you give us an insight into each of your musical backgrounds? And which artists have influenced you?

Alicia: I grew up singing and performing soul/blues and country-pop and was influenced along the way by Christina Aguilera and Beverly Knight before then studying musical theatre and dance at a stage school in London. I realised quite quickly that I wanted to pursue a career in music so decided to change my path and go back to my roots of country-pop and writing my own music. Luckily at the same time, Paris got in touch about joining The Adelaides!
Abi: My family are really musical and I started playing shows since I was 12 and started writing music at the age of 14 years old- some of which has been broadcast on TV. Since then I have been playing shows and I really love being part of the trio with Paris and Alicia. I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac, Lady Antebellum & Rascal Flatts and always loved the three part harmony.
Paris: My parents brought me up listening to a lot of Shania Twain and Dolly Parton but as I grew up into my teens, I started listening to Carrie Underwood and Martina McBride and really took inspiration from them. I’ve always been into harmonies and have been in 4 vocal harmony groups before joining The Adelaides.

And what was the last album you each played on your phone/in your cars?

Paris: I am a huge Bryan Adams fan and have him on repeat in the car all the time! His voice just gets me.
Alicia: I was listening to JP Cooper’s new album Raised Under Grey Skies- I think he’s great!
Abi: After seeing Lady Antebellum in Birmingham recently, I’ve had their new album on! Their song Somebody Else’s Heart is amazing.

What is the best thing about singing and performing as a trio?
When we perform, there is so much more energy because we can just bounce off each other and have a laugh. It’s also way more fun and really good to write together- 3 minds are better than 1! We each have different vocal abilities so there really is no limit to what we can do when we write and perform together.

The Adelaides host a ‘fantasy’ dinner party and can invite two guests each (dead or alive). Who gets the invites?

Abi: I would definitely say Michael Jackson and someone like Will Smith.
Alicia: I’d say Bruno Mars and Dolly Parton!
Paris: I’d invite Ed Sheeran and Bob Marley!

To finish, let us know what we can expect from you in the coming weeks and months! And where can we find you on social media?

Well we are currently in the studio as we write this now! So we are making lots of music and finding our ‘sound’ so that we can hopefully release something really soon! You can find us @theadelaidesuk if you search for us on any social media site! Thanks for speaking to us x

Interview conducted by Nick Cantwell

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