Your Voice, Your Choice #11 – Kate Ellis

Today we continue with a great new feature on Belles and Gals  – “Your Voice, Your Choice”. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a  country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature leading UK based US Americana artist Kate Ellis.

If you were compiling a list of artists who have made an impact on the scene in 2017, Kate Ellis would be sure to be in the reckoning. Her debut album, ‘Carve Me Out’ is one of the most talked about records of the year  – No Depression stating that Sensitively weaves strands of country and folk throughout in a velvety smooth voice. An album of great warmth and feeling that just makes you press repeat. Definitely worthy of recognition.’ I was lucky enough to see Kate Ellis play live at her vinyl album launch recently and she gained an instant fan.

‘The One You Love the Most’ (above) is a fine example of Kate’s talent. The song is beautifully heartbreaking, delivered in the almost haunting yet delicate style that the singer has made her own. If you’re playing the song for the first time, make sure you have time on your hands, because you’ll be playing it over and over. Wonderful.

Kate has chosen ‘The Last Word’ by Mary Chapin Carpenter

I’ve chosen “The Last Word” by Mary Chapin Carpenter from her “Stones In The Road” album. When I first started writing, Mary Chapin Carpenter was one of the artists I particularly loved and was inspired by – she is an expert at shining a light on the everyday joy and pain of living. This song hits me in a deep place. I particularly love how the title “The Last Word” is never actually used in the lyrics, but the song completely embodies the emotion and the story behind it – the liberating and honest way she delivers its essence is just fantastic.

“You can have it; I don’t want it,
And when you’ve got it, I’ll be gone

It’s a blissfully simple song, full of drive and power. The simplicity of the melody, the words, the instrumentation and the arrangement on the album recording all work beautifully together to deliver the emotion it carries within, which is the highest compliment I can give. This is what I always strive for when I write. It’s one of those truthful and ultimately empowering songs that make you feel great. I can’t hear it without singing along!

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