Fifth Floor ‘Heartbreak Talks’ Album Review by Nick Cantwell

  • By Nick Cantwell
  • November 9, 2017
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London based Fifth Floor are a Swedish country-rock duo Moa Bergström and Matilda Christiansson and have been a regular featur of Belles and Gals in the past. I’ve been lucky enough to see Fifth Floor live on a couple of occasions, excellent both times – so I was delighted when I heard they were releasing an album. ‘Heartbreak Talks’ is released tomorrow.

The eight-track album opens up with ‘Heart in Your Arms’. Straight away you’ll be drawn in by the upbeat nature of the track and the fantastic lyrics. Words such as “I’m not gonna say I loved you because I never did, but from the start I gotta say I found you interesting” giving Fifth Floor a real originality, in a song about a guy wanting to keep a distance in a relationship.

‘My Backyard, My Business’ is a real badass, attitude track. Turn this up and play it loud – in the same way they talk about playing ‘Dierks’ loud in the song. ‘Heartbreak Talks’ sees a change to a much slower pace, a lovely song about those drunk moments late at night, when emotions are at their highest.

‘Bought Me a Lie’ is about a relationship with the ‘wrong’ person. ‘You look good on a shelf, like you could raise some hell, turns out I bought me a lie’.  The catchy chorus in this song is one that you’ll be playing in your head long after the song finishes. ‘Diabolical’ is another badass track – ‘There’s a darkness running with my blood, my DNA is up to nothing good’, another example of Fifth Floor’s original word play.

It was no surprise ‘Sippin’ On a Coke’ was released as a single earlier this year – the song is just fantastic. It’s a feel-good number about taking a time out and heading home. Listen to this once and you’ll hit repeat over and over. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

‘These Days’ is about a relationship that ended without real closure. Despite the slightly sad subject of the song, it has a great upbeat tempo and is another real highlight of the album.

‘The Girl’ ends the album, a ‘live and acoustic’ recording. The song is about being in a relationship, but knowing that your partner is ‘slipping away’. Lyrics such as ‘one day you’ll be kissing her lips over mine, one day you’ll be going to her house every night’, telling the story of the song. ‘The Girl’ ends the album brilliantly and is perhaps the standout track.

‘Heartbreak Talks’ is a fine debut album from Fifth Floor. All eight tracks are written by Moa and Matilda, and the ladies show a great versatility in their music throughout the record, delivering the upbeat and the slower numbers with equal poise. Lyrically, they’re quite unique, with very subtle touches of humour in places, while they can mix it with anyone when it comes to attitude. Go get it tomorrow!

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Review written by Nick Cantwell

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