Women Crush It Wednesdays

As a site pushing for a fair deal for female artists in the industry, we thought it would be good to highlight an initiative that does exactly that. ‘Women Crush it Wednesdays’ began back in October 2017 and features a weekly live web stream. The midweek event is organised by both Melanie Meriney (twitter.com/melaniemeriney) and Krista Angelucci (twitter.com/KristaAngelucci).

Melanie Meriney
Krista Angelucci

Each week, they host a new female artist or songwriter to play some songs, talk about their path, and interact with new fans and viewers from all over the globe! As Melanie told us in her recent ‘Notes From Nashville’ piece, “While our goal is to highlight some highly talented ladies, we also strive to create the type of supportive community that seems to be lacking in other areas of the business.  We want our alums to interact and write together.  We want our guests to learn from one another.  We want to break the commonly held belief that you have to be part of the “boy’s club” to be heard or have your art be appreciated.  We, as women, know that while we can use our image to attract a fan base and establish a brand, we are more than our looks, and our hard work, passion, and music deserve a platform.  Women need to help women, because otherwise, we don’t have the numbers or solidarity to make a difference.


To find out more about Women Crush it Wednesday, go to instagram.com/womencrushitwednesdays or http://www.facebook.com/womencrushit



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