Get to Know Lucy Grubb

This year Belles and Gals will be sponsoring three fantastic UK artists. Last week we announced our third and final sponsored artist – Belles and Gals EP of the Year award winner Lucy Grubb! So today we thought we’d have a chat with the lady herself!

To start, give us an insight into how you got involved in the music industry in the first place?
So I used to write a lot of poetry as a kid, and when I got my first guitar I just started putting those words to music quite naturally. My mum forced me into a few local open mics, which really boosted my confidence and promoters started getting in touch with me which led to me performing in most venues across Norwich.

Has singing always been a dream of yours?
Not at all! In fact I honestly don’t consider myself a singer at all – I just enjoy singing the songs I write. My main job is song writing, everything else comes with it. I spent a lot of early years working on the guitar playing though. Making a living out of music was definitely something I’ve always had in mind though from an early age.

Your debut E.P. ’18 Miles’ was released last year and it made quite an impact on us at Belles and Gals, winning our EP of the year. To anyone who hasn’t heard the record, how would you describe your sound?
Modern Americana with Country undertones. The record is very honest, sometimes endearing, and not needing to prove or conform to anything. It’s very much a productive of where I am at the moment, creatively and personally.

Which artists have influenced you in your career?
I’d have to say my top three are Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and John Mayer. I’ve taken something different from each artist – from Johnny it’s his guitar driven rhythms, from Paul Simon it’s his fantastic lyrical content and melody and from Mayer it’s his ‘Born and Raised’ image, musical perspective, self reflection and production.

And which artists are you listening to at the moment?
Honestly there are so many great artists at the moment which is fantastic. Flying the flag for female artists is definitely Jade Bird, Courtney Marie Andrews, Lisa Wright and The Wild Reeds. I’m also loving Midland, Jarrod Dickenson and Jason Isbell.

What would you say has been the highlight of your singing career so far?
Playing Glastonbury was pretty cool, but probably releasing my debut EP 18 Miles and playing a sold out show in my home town.

You’re hosting a fantasy dinner party. Which three celebrities, alive or dead, would you invite to join you?
Johnny Cash, Paul Simon and Louis Theroux. No thought was needed for this one!

What’s your favourite soap opera, box set and crisp flavour?!
Not a soap opera kinda gal – sorry!
Box set – definitely Friends.
Crisp flavour – Salt and Vinegar. Always.

Rom Com or Horror Movie?
I’d have to unashamedly say Rom Com. I like to check out of reality for a few hours with something joyful.

Tea or Coffee?
Since working in a coffee shop I’d have to say coffee!

Cats or Dogs?
Dogs. Straight up.

To finish, tell us about your hopes and plans for 2018!
I hope to release a second EP for Summer season (fingers crossed), play a few festivals, but mainly start playing more venues across the UK. I’m looking forward to my first ever Country2Country this year, and heading to Nashville in the Autumn.

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