Karen Jonas’ New Album ‘Butter’ Out Today

Today sees the release of ‘Butter’, the third album from Karen Jonas. Previous albums ‘Oklahoma Lottery’ (2014) and ‘Country Songs’ (2016) were released to great critical acclaim – but already it seems that this is the best and boldest body of work from Karen Jonas yet

The title track ‘Butter’ sets a fantastic scene of a confident mother in the kitchen – she’s sexy, she’s a great cook and she’s sipping Whiskey at exactly 4.53pm. Here we have a character who’s not interested in messing around – the Whisky is straight and ‘Mama cooks with butter, You know the real thing‘ and the song sets the tone in some ways for the whole album. 

While not a concept album, the 10 songs have recurring themes – she’s been messed around by some in the music industry and she introduces these characters in the songs, Karen a singer who is now wise to and fed up of those who make those big promises. The album also focuses on being a mother/singer and finding the right balance between the two. By the end of the album you feel you know Karen Jonas and you’ll like what you find.

As with her previous albums, the singer is not going to be pigeonholed into one genre. Yes, there is an overall country feel, but throughout the album you’ll hear blues, jazz and many other influences.

Many reviews move from track to track, but while highlights for me include’My Sweet Arsonist’ and ‘Mama’s First Rodeo’, this is an album that needs to be listened in its entirety. A first class album from an artist who is at the very top of her game.

Karen Jonas – Butter

1. Yellow Brick Road (2:53)
2. My Sweet Arsonist (3:49)
3. Butter (3:30)
4. Gospel of the Road (3:33)
5. Kamikaze Love (3:39)
6. Oh Icarus (3:14)
7. Mama’s First Rodeo (2:47)
8. Dance With Me (3:35)
9. Mr. Wonka (3:15)
10. The Circus (2:43)

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