Lori McKenna – ‘People Get Old’

If you can’t wait until 20th July to hear new music from the wonderful Lori McKenna ( her next album “ The Tree” is set for release on 20th July) don’t worry! The lead single with accompanying video is out now, and is another stunner from the pen of this incredible artist.
“ People Get Old” is was mainly written with her father in mind but is instantly relatable as are so many of her songs. Now aged 83, he has played a major part in her life especially as her mother passed away when she was a child.
Nostalgic snapshots of her childhood open the track, including memories of holidays and fishing trips they’d take together, his rolex watch and how he’d spin her round. Fast forwards to the present, and now she sees him playing cards by himself and doing things he maybe shouldn’t like shovelling snow and refusing to accept any help.
But it’s not only her father who is ageing of course, no one is immune to this inevitability and she sings about realising that she is saying and doing the same things as he did such as ” walking down the hallway turning off every light switch ” and spinning her own kids around, kids who will soon be going off to make a life of their own.
At the and she concludes “ You live long enough the people you love get old” .

Yes a truly beautiful song with too many touching lines to quote here…..give it a listen yourself!

Article written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)

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