Rebecca Jayne – Travelling Song

Rebecca Jayne has been on Belles and Gals ‘artists to watch’ for a while now, so we were delighted when we heard she had a new single coming out. ‘Travelling Song’ was released on Saturday and it’s the first glimpse we’ve had of her new E.P. ‘Things I’ve Done’ which will be released in October.

‘Travelling Song’ is a simply gorgeous track with a country/folk feel. The song has a gentle but captivating melody which underlies the strength of the vocals and the lyrics. The song details the writing of the ‘travelling song’, a song which is clearly destined to be written when the travelling comes to an  end – “I ain’t gonna stop until I’ve seen it all, and write it in my travelling song‘.

If this is a glimpse of what is to come from Rebecca, October can’t come soon enough.

Look out for an interview with Rebecca in August.

Download ‘Travelling Song’ here –

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