Vic Allen to Release New Single ‘Blinded’

  • By Nick Cantwell
  • August 2, 2018
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Vic Allen has had a fantastic year. The release of her E.P. ‘Between the Lines’ earlier in 2018 was met with great critical success and Vic has been busy ever since. The recent ‘Write Like a Girl’ tour alongside Emily Faye and Beth Keeping saw the trio tour the UK with an all-female ‘in the round’ format, adding a local ‘guest’ in each location. Since then Vic has appeared at both Buckle and Boots and FSA Fest and has now signed with independent record label Ginger Dog.

The first release with the new label is ‘Blinded’, which will be available from August 10th. The song was written in Nashville alongside local songwriter Ian McConnell and is the first release from Vic’s upcoming album. ‘Blinded’ is a song about a relationship which the singer, in hindsight, has realised is one that she should never have got involved in. The combination of Vic’s emotive and almost soulful vocals and the excellent songwriting make for an excellent start with Ginger Dog and I can’t wait to hear more.


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