Interview with Kerri Watt!

Last Friday we featured Kerri Watt with her new single ‘Never’, a song I described as ‘simply stunning’. I was so taken by it in fact that I had to find out more! We got in touch with Kerri and asked her all about the song:

Hi Kerri! The new single ‘Never’ is outstanding! You recorded the song previously with ‘Embrace’ and now you’ve recorded a solo version. What is about the song that you’ve connected so deeply with?

Thank you so much! Actually my solo version was recorded BEFORE the collab version! Embrace brought the song to me a couple of years ago as they had decided not to record it themselves. I loved it, recorded my version with the band (minus Danny on vocals) and planned to release it. Embrace came back to me a couple of months later and said they had decided to record it themselves but would love me to duet with Danny. I was just thrilled that the song was going to get some serious exposure.

In what way would you say that your solo version of the song differs from the joint project?

The most obvious difference is the key. The vocals in my version start much lower and end much higher! Singing the lyrics as one person also slightly changes the meaning. I think both versions work really well and ultimately it’s Danny’s beautiful lyrics that make the story so emotional and relatable.

How exciting is it for you to release this single – you must have high hopes? You certainly should have!

I never thought my solo version would see the light of day so I am SO EXCITED!! I adore this song and it’s especially important to note that it’s still very much an Embrace collab – it was written, played on and produced by the band. I just hope everyone loves it as much as we do and it touches some hearts.

Download ‘Never’ here

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