Hannah’s Yard – ‘With You All The Way’ Out today!

Last year Hannah’s Yard, a musical collective featuring lead singer Hannah Layton Turner, released their debut album ‘Beginnings’. At the start of the year they announced there would be ‘all sorts of new music arriving throughout the year!’ which started with their ‘Reflections’ E.P, a four track record of understated covers.

Now they’ve gone for something completely different, with the collective reaching for their electric instruments for the first time.

Hannah Layton Turner:

We’ve had so much fun writing & recording ‘With You All The Way’. It’s a little different to what we’ve released in the past but I absolutely love how it’s turned out. Not only is it seriously catchy, it has such a lovely relatable message of ‘togetherness’ behind it – a little bit of fun & positivity for you to enjoy…I’m so excited for everyone to hear it!”.

While this is a little different to what you’d expect to hear on Belles and Gals, it’s always fantastic to see artists stretching their musical boundaries – and let’s face it, this song is as catchy as hell!


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