Interview with the Logans

The Logans are one of our favourite trios here at Belles and Gals, made up of siblings Honor, Tayler and Leona! We first chatted to the Scottish trio back in 2017, so it’s great to have followed their progress all the way to their fantastic first single ‘Meet Me in Mexico’ – we chatted to Honor, Tayler and Leona aout the song, working together as sisters and all things the Logans!

1. To start, tell us who The Logans are, for anyone coming across you for the first time?

Honor: We’re a country-pop trio from Glasgow.
Tayler: And we’re sisters!
Leona: When we’re not songwriting we like to get up to no good.
Honor: you can probably tell that by listening to most of our songs!

2. You’ve just released your fantastic debut single ‘Meet Me In Mexico’- how did the song come about?

Leona: it’s actually a true story about two of our friends! One of them is from Scotland, and the other is from America.
Tayler: Long story short, they’re romantically involved but he couldn’t get to Scotland, and she couldn’t go to America.
Honor: They loved each other so much that they would both travel and meet up in Mexico.
This happened for quite a few years, but you’ll be happy to hear that they are still together, and their love has grown stronger.
Leona: So that’s how Meet Me In Mexico came about!
Honor: And we’ve all added travelling on the Copper Canyon Line on our bucket list!

3. How do you find working together as siblings- does that have its own challenges, or does that familiarity make life easier?

Honor: I think working with family is either like gold dust or trying to drag yourself through the mud. Luckily for us we fall into the gold dust camp.
Leona: speak for yourself!
Tayler: Yeah leona, we’re the gold dust, you’re the mud!
Leona: No, we’re very lucky. Being sisters means that we have a kind of resilience to push through the hard times.
Tayler: Being sisters gives us a kind of support I can’t imagine getting anywhere else, we understand each other deeply, be bounce each other when we song-write, and we celebrate together like no one else!

4. The country music scene in Scotland is particularly strong- what is it about country that lends itself to such good music?

Tayler: We’ve always said that there’s an honesty in country music. That’s what’s most important to us, getting to make music that means something to us and hopefully that translates to the people who listen.
Leona: There’s a kind of freedom in it too, country music is so diverse these days, you have artists like Kacey Musgraves who’s brought a disco element to country, that’s something I never thought i’d see!
Honor: It means that all kinds of people feel at home with country music, it’s a cool time to be experimenting with your sound and the country scene has been so great at letting us just be us!
Tayler: And just being who you are is the most important thing to be in music.

5. To finish, tell us about your upcoming plans and where we can find you on social media.

Honor: We have another three songs to release this year, so keep your eyes and ears peeled!
Leona: We’re looking to have a gig in August to celebrate our EP and it’ll be the first time most of the tracks are performed live.
Tayler: I’d call it a party, and you’re all invited!
Honor: Haha, you’re definitely all invited, so follow us on Instagram, twitter and facebook @thelogansworld to keep up with future releases.
Tayler: And we’ll see you all at the launch in August!


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