INTERVIEW: Mackenzie Wasner Talks Making Music During Quarantine

Rising American country music talent Mackenzie Wasner is currently quarantined at her Nashville home due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic but this hasn’t stopped the flow of new music for the soaring vocalist. Here we talk to Mackenzie to discover how she is staying inspired during lockdown.

You’ve just set up your home studio in Nashville, how are you finding recording at your house?

You’re sweet to call it a studio. HA! It’s more of a “rigged up-do what you can in desperate times makeshift studio!” But, no, it really is great for the time being. I’m thankful to be able to record and write from home still, and it has been really fun making myself learn new things!


Your last single ‘Love Brings You Home’ was released in January, do you have any plans to share more music this year?

Yes, I do! Hopefully in the next few months, there will be a new single on the horizon. I have a few new favorite songs I’ve written that may be in the running. It’s hard to choose what to put out next!

How are you finding writing new songs during your time spent in quarantine?

Honestly, I’m finding quarantine writing to be way better than expected. I’ve been doing tons of ZOOM writes, and it’s working! I was skeptical at first, but when you come out on the other side with a song, over your computer… You feel really accomplished!!! I, of course, miss being in the room with cowriters and friends and feeling the music come alive in the room, but for now, we’re making it work, and I am proud of us for it.

How do you think the live scene will bounce back in Nashville once the Safer At Home order is lifted?

I think Nashville has been and always will be stronger together. I think slow and steady wins the race, and we will get back to where we once were, soon… I believe in us and in the music too much to have any doubt about that. We all miss it, this I know. 

Have you been inspired musically by the current global situation?

I’ve been inspired in ways I didn’t expect. It’s forcing me to pick up the guitar and write on my own time versus where and when the calendar says. I am actually finding I’m being more creative when the “pressure is off”. I am not constantly preparing for my co-writes, but yet, letting the ideas and music come to me. I hope to carry this with me in the future as well. It is taking the time to look, see, listen, and really hear in the places I normally wouldn’t. 

Looking ahead to new music, what kind of topics can we expect to be covered?

That’s a good question! Who knows! We will see what crazy things I can come up with in quarantine and I’ll get back to ya! Haha

When working on new tracks, how do you approach a writing session?

Personally, I approach them usually with a melody idea and a lyric I’ve come up with. I oddly write verses first… Which is weird, I know. When I am co-writing a lot of my peers like to come up with a hook and a chorus first. Sometimes it happens for me that way, but melodies and verse lyrics are usually where I get the ball rolling… They all look different though! 

Whilst practicing social distancing how are you managing co-writes?

ZOOM writing over my computer has been a lifesaver and a fun challenge! So far, so good!

Do you have any plans to put together some live shows across the USA, with possible UK dates when safe to do so?

I have been working on touring dates, yes! I would love to get over to the UK sometime. Absolutely!!!!

How would you describe your sonic sound to new listeners?

I guess I would describe my sound as current country with some 90s country inspiration thrown in there. 90s country music is my heart and soul!!! 

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