Callista Clark Releases Debut EP “Real To Me”

Hailing from Georgia and aged just 17, Big Machine Records recording artist Callista Clark has already co-written with some of country music’s best known names. Just look at the track listing below for her debut collection “Real To Me” which has just been released and you’ll see what I mean.
Blending her love for authentic, timeless classics with the sounds of her country roots, Callista worked with producer Nathan Chapman on the project which showcases her skills as both songwriter and vocalist, her heart-in-throat delivery as impressive on the feisty anthem “Change My Mind” as it is on the poignant and relatable truths of the title track. The EP also includes her first single, “‘Cause I Am”, a gal power declaration of confidence with a driving beat… “I can’t help that I’m one of a kind, I’m more than meets the eye” she sings in the rousing chorus. If you don’t like that and want a “one dimensional woman” well that’s not Callista!

Callisto’s career started with her posting music videos on social media for fun, including her cover of The Beatles “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” which hit 100,000 views. But there was one video that really changed her life as she explains here

A multi instrumentalist too (no less than eight instruments!) Callista has poured her heart into these songs and hopes they encourage those who listen. “They are all very real and personal stories to me” she says, continuing “There is some heavy emotion behind all of these, and I hope that somebody can relate to them. I really do.“.  

Download/Stream ” Real To Me” here

Real To Me Track List

  1. It’s Cause I Am” | Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, Laura Veltz  
  2. Heartbreak Song” | Callista Clark, Chris DeStefano, Liz Rose, Emily Shackelton
  3. Change My Mind” | Callista Clark, Dan Isbell, Jonathan Singleton
  4. Don’t Need It Anymore” | Callista Clark, Cameron Jaymes, Melissa Peirce
  5. Real To Me” | Callista Clark, Casey Robert Brown, Laura Veltz 

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Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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