Hannah May Allison Releases New Single “Talk About”

Rounding off what has been a great year of growth for her as an artist, Nashville-based country/pop singer/songwriter Hannah May Allison has just released what will be her fourth and final single of 2021, “Talk About”.
We last wrote about the exciting Californian native back in August when she released “Don’t Hate The Idea”, a fantastic track about wanting to play things cool in a new relationship for fear of jinxing it. The release quickly gained momentum and has proved to be her most streamed song to date, approaching 200k streams on Spotify alone who added it to their “New Boots” playlist, where it was recently sitting at no.30.  It was also included on several other prestigious editorial playlists including “Next from Nashville”, “Fresh Finds: Country”,  “New Music Nashville” and featured on Apple Music’s “Best New Songs” category in the country genre. 
Hannah really does have a great talent for writing highly relatable songs, and the new single is no exception.” Talk About” was co-written by Hannah alongside Sean Spollen and Lauren McLamb and sees her working once again with producer Zachary Manno, as always such a great partnership and the track has an incredibly infectious groove!  The really fun, light hearted release is about the realisation you are getting just a little bit too obsessed with that new boyfriend of yours, to the point of him being the sole topic of conversation when chatting to friends even though it’s something you swore you’d never do! 
To quote Hannah, “As a girl, we’ve all had a girlfriend or two who can’t seem to zip their lips about the new guy in her life, and we’ve all told ourselves that we would NEVER be ‘that girl’ in a new relationship. This is a song about realising that you are now ‘that girl'”. 
Hannah has definitely finished off the year with possibly her wittiest release to date with an insanely catchy chorus, something which she seems to have a particular flair for coming up with! Written in the first person and addressed to the subject of her obsession, she explains the conundrum she finds herself in…”I’ve been cutting off conversations, doing everything to get your name in“. Yes, he’s got her talking “like tequila does” but she surprises herself because she doesn’t mind, despite the fact that she can feel her friends’ frustrations rising! 
Congratulations on a great 2021, Hannah, and I’m excited to see what 2022 brings for you. 
Review written by Lesley Hastings (twitter.com/lesleyhastings)
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