Sara Beth “Full Speed Ahead” EP Review


If you’re into the UK country scene, you can’t help but have noticed one name on everybody’s lips at the moment – SaraBeth. No, she isn’t a UK artist, she is from Texas and resides in Nashville in fact, but there is no doubt that the UK loves her, her new EP going straight to number one on the iTunes UK Country Chart.

SaraBeth is heading to the UK next month for a wide ranging headline tour and here at Belles and Gals we are delighted to say that we’ll be heading to the penultimate gig at Culpeppers in Basildon.
We’ve been fans of SaraBeth on the site since we began back in January and have featured her on many occasions, with brilliant hits such as “Runnin’ Outta Lipstick” or covers such as “How Country Feels”. So it would come as no surprise for you to know that we couldn’t wait to get our hands on her new EP.

The EP is called “Full Speed Ahead” and has exactly what you would expect from any SaraBeth release – powerful vocals and attitude! Although there is much more depth to the US based singer songwriter than this, a tenderness coming through in the EP, while the five tracks have a definite freshness which will appeal to all listeners – and just wait for the smile inducing track at the end!

The EP opens up with “Someone Who Is”, a sassy song about a relationship that just isn’t working out. This makes for a great opening to the EP and if you haven’t listened to SaraBeth before, you’ll immediately be taken aback by her impressive vocals.

“Keep on Keepin’ On” is an upbeat number which will stay in your head all day. Put it on, turn it up and by the end of the three minutes you’ll be singing along loudly to this uplifting song (in my case, singing along badly…).

Song About You is perhaps my highlight of the EP, a song where SaraBeth expresses the wish of writing that ‘perfect song’. This song shows another side to her vocals and is simply a great country song.

The fourth song is Windshield/Rearview and the subject matter is somewhat similar to the second track, the focus on being moving on and not looking back. This is particularly catchy and I love the chorus – “Look in the windshield, not in the rearview”.

The final song is a cover of “I Want it That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. When I saw the title, I did wonder if it was this song and it makes for a fun and entertaining way to end a top class EP.

Head to to find out details about her UK tour (running from the 5th to the 22nd August) and give the lady a follow on Twitter!

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