Welcome to a Heartache – a very special debut EP from Emily Daniels

Emily Daniels, is a Nashville native, well known around music city performing in the range of writers rounds and artist showcases over the last few years, and having grown up there certainly seems to have the Nashville sound in her veins. With a few releases under her belt in 2020 Emily now delivers her debut EP in July – 6 tracks in a collection called Welcome to a Heartache.  Emily’s full vocals and contemporary lyrical style stand out in this sassy summer EP charting the highs and lows of relationships.

Emily sites her musical influences as a wide range of artists from the 90’s power women of country to Tim McGraw, Kelsea Ballerini and Dan + Shay. Her own powerful voice has been refined under the expert coaching of Renee Grant Williams.


Track List

Welcome to a Heartache

I’d Fall For That

Stained Glass

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

What I Don’t Know

Ex On The Beach

Emily takes delight in using the titles to wrong foot the listener with a lyrical twist and bringing contemporary pop vibes into the mix with more traditional country sounds. Emily’s strong vocals and melodic hooks are delivered with sensitivity, passion and humour depending on the theme of the track.

Welcome To A Heartache sets up the EP summarising the crazy journey we all put ourselves through when we open ourselves up to meet someone new.

I’d Fall For That lilts into traditional country and takes you through the pros and cons in weighing up that first encounter and what you might be tempted to fall for. You can hear this catchy little number in the clubs and the audience getting into singalong mode pretty quickly. Driven by the electric guitar and the highlights of the honky tonk keys this is definitely a foot stomper.

Hot rain on a high tin roof,

Sun on a Sunday afternoon,

I’d fall fast and I’d fall hard

and I hope he’d catch my racing heart

and I’d hope that love’s something he’s naturally good at,

I’d fall for that.

 Stained Glass brings a change of mood and reflection as the singer discovers the twists and turns that can happen and sadly has to piece together the evidence of a possible infidelity and the heartache that comes with that.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do is a decluttering song all about the catharsis of breaking up with the one that turned out wrong. Upbeat and celebratory with the fiddle and pulsing drumbeats this is a satisfying cry for freedom.

What I Don’t Know reaches into the melancholy of wondering about what the ex is doing and how everyone copes with the split. A moody and thoughtful track.

Ex On The Beach is a feel-good summer country pop anthem, the archetypal driving song with some definitely Cee Lo Green vibes across the chorus. I loved the musical and lyrical contrast throughout this track but especially the bridge. What a way to complete the journey to and through a heartache!

I think its high time for another Mai Tai

Sunshine ain’t enough to get you off of my mind.

Woah a Margarita followed by Sangria,

shooting the Tequila until the sunrise!

Welcome To A Heartache is an accomplished EP showcasing Emily’s vocal and co-writing talents and in the capable production hands of Zachary Manno and Mark Siegel. Check out her socials for more info over the summer and enjoy this very special EP.




Review by Ann Kenney (twitter.com/annkenneysongs)

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