‘Coming Close’ by Amy-Jo – Single Review

There’s great irony in the title of Amy-Jo’s single ‘Coming Close’. That’s because the Morecambe-based singer/songwriter has struck gold with this, an instant hit that is far from the “silver medal” that she talks about in the chorus. The uncomplicated musical arrangement allows the song to really shine, as it’s the lyrics and Amy-Jo’s vocal that make it such a pleasurable listen. There are undeniable echoes of one of her major influences, Duffy, in her voice, but also another fellow Welsh songstress, Laura Evans, which means ‘Coming Close’ is delivered with soul. It is heartfelt as well as heartbreaking. This is especially true for those who will recognise themselves in the bridge, whether as “aunt… friend… vice… [or] support”. It makes the final line of this section all the more emotive – “can I be the leading lady once in my life” – which Amy-Jo expresses through high notes strained with earnest desire. The irony, as already noted, is that she has already done enough to reach that goal. ‘Coming Close’ demonstrates her innate songwriting ability and talented delivery. It is up there with the best from the UK Country scene in 2022.

Social Media: @amyjoofficial

Review written by Gareth Williams (twitter.com/lostinbluejazz1)

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