Kate Ellis releases official video for ‘Hurt’

A couple of weeks ago Kate Ellis launched the vinyl version of her album ‘Spirals’ with a show at the Green Note in London (read our review of the show here – https://www.bellesandgals.com/2023/02/28/kate-elliss-spirals-vinyl-album-launch-review/). The vinyl album replicates the standard release apart from one additional track! This track is a cover of the brilliant ‘Hurt’, perhaps best known as a Johnny Cash recording to country fans, a song that was originally recorded by the Nine Inch Nails and written by Trent Reznor.

The Johnny Cash recording is haunting, the song being released shortly before the legendary singer’s death – a more powerful and resonating track you won’t hear. Kate Ellis has recorded an incredible version of the song, lending her evocative and emotive style to the recording – making it her own, yet still aiming a nod in the direction of the trailblazer that was Johnny Cash. A brave cover but one that Kate Ellis certainly pulls off!

The video is a great representation of the song. You couldn’t have asked for a better setting – an old, now bare and slightly delapidated church building featuring stained glass windows, with light pouring through the windows of the darkened building, creating an almost god-like effect. This is three and a half minutes of enchantment that you’ll be completely glued to.


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