Introducing Tigirlily Gold : Title Track From Upcoming EP “Blonde“ Out Now

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating, I’m sure you’ll agree that there’s something very special about family groups/duos making music together, whether it’s a result of an innate understanding/trust of one another, shared experiences or some other intangible element who knows!
The country genre has given us The Carter Family, The Judds and more recently Ward Thomas to name just a few, and today we are excited to be featuring sister duo Tigirlily Gold for the first time here at Belles and Gals… some of you may have been fortunate enough to have caught them playing their debut UK performances at this year’s C2C festival during a whistle stop London visit of just 52 hours!
Just watch the official video to their rowdy single “Shoot Tequila“, the song itself complete with its clever wordplay is infectious enough but throw in the sister’s fabulous vocals and effortless harmonies and it’s no wonder it garnered over 43 million views across social media and was the second- most added song upon impact when it arrived to US country radio earlier this month. And the fun they had making this video is undeniable!

Krista and Kendra Slaubaugh hail from North Dakota and have been making music together since they could walk and officially formed a band in high school. After building a strong fanbase by
touring their home state, the pair relocated to Nashville where they are now based, landing a prestigious weekly residence at Dierk’s Bentley’sWhiskey Row” on Lower Broadway where they further developed a performance style that is both captivating and fun… entertaining definitely runs through their blood!
Now signed to Monument Records (thanks in no small measure to their 2021 iTunes chart topping release “Somebody Does“) they put out their self titled EP later that year, working with multi-Grammy award winner Shane McAnally and toured with the likes of Ashley McBryde and Walker Hayes.
They are now preparing for the release of their four-track EP “Blonde” on June 23rd which you’ll see from the track list below includes “Shoot Tequila” as well as the title track which was released last Friday. This fun girl anthem, which the sisters co-wrote with Nashville hit makers Alex Kline and Scott Stepakoff, was inspired by the one and only Dolly Parton and celebrates everything she represents for women worldwide. And although it definitely salutes all that being blonde involves and stands for (“a Dolly state of mind”) they say that it’s also about “being bold and confident in who you are. And being able to poke fun at yourself when life throws ya lemons“.
Once again its blatantly clear they had a blast making the accompanying video (fun fact, the car it features had only been driven by Dolly herself and George Jones before they got behind the wheel!).

It seems that there’s a lot more to look forwards to from Tigirlily Gold, too, as to quote KristaThe ‘Blonde’ EP is the first chapter of this whole project. We are excited to start giving people a taste of what the whole record will be like with these four songs!“.

Blonde EP Track Listing:
1. Blonde (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
2. Hometown Song (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
3. Move On (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Alex Kline, Scott Stepakoff)
4. Shoot Tequila (Kendra Jo Slaubaugh, Krista Jade Slaubaugh, Kevin Griffin, David Mescon)

Pre-save the EP here

Stay tuned for more from Tigirlily Gold throughout 2023. For the latest information visit, and follow along on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @tigirlily and on TikTok @TigirlilyGold

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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