Melanie Meriney releases new single ‘Figured Out’

Fans of Belles and Gals will know all about Melanie Meriney, an artist who wrote for us regularly with her brilliant ‘Notes From Nashville’ series (you can read the whole series here – With fantastic releases such as ‘Sober You’, ‘Cool Girl’, ‘Up In Lights’ and ‘Flame’, Melanie is an artist making waves in music city and beyond – so it was incredible news to see she has released a new single!

The new song is ‘Figured Out’ which hit the airwaves last Friday. I asked Melanie to give me some insight into the song:

Melanie Meriney:

This single came about when my friends (Israel McFarland, Lexi Tucker, Michael Funk) and I were around a bonfire talking about how we feel like we should’ve had more figured out at this point in our lives. Our worktape for the song was super silly, but the lyrics definitely hit home for us and anyone who is looking around feeling like everyone else has it more together. You’re not alone, and honestly, I’m not sure anyone really has it figured out completely. We’re all just faking it til we (hopefully) make it‘.

The song takes that idea and wraps it in a great country song – a song that touches on the realism of a career in the music industry and wider life in general. The song has a realness to it what we can all relate to, where we have all dreams and ideals that we’re still striving for. And asking the question, do we ever actually have anything figured out?  The production on the song is fantastic, a great guitar hook giving it a great energy from the start and the  chorus is to die for. Melanie’s striking vocals wrap it all together and create a song where you yearn for the artist to achieve that dream of a couple of gold records and a big old house

Melanie’s first release of 2023 is perhaps her best yet. With a follow up single to come in May, there’s a lot to look forward to! I for one, can’t wait.

To find out more about Melanie Meriney click the following link –



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