Step Off – Ali Morgan

At Belles and Gals we are committed to featuring up and coming young country stars as well as the established acts and today we feature two of the very best. The first featured artist today is Ali Morgan, who is making great waves in the country music industry, despite being just 13 years old. Ali was recommended to me just a couple of days ago and having watched a number of videos it was pretty clear that this Chicago born singer is going to go a long way.

Ali Morgan signing her contract with Silverado Records

Here is Ali with a live performance of Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Step Off’ and I’m sure you’ll agree she does a fantastic job of covering a great song.

In a strange twist of fate, in the 48 hours between me seeing her for the first time and actually featuring her on the site, it was announced that she had signed a deal with Silverado Records, which looks to be a great deal for both parties. I’m really looking forward to hearing more from Ali Morgan!


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