Chloe Chadwick – Feels Like Home

Today we feature UK country star Chloe Chadwick for the first time with “Feels Like Home”. The song came to my attention last week when I saw that it had hit number one on the Hotdisc British and Irish chart and when you listen to it you’ll know why, her fantastic vocals framing a great tune. Having listened to this song, I went in search of more from Chloe, and you should too, as you’ll find so many good songs online – this certainly won’t be the last time we feature Chloe Chadwick!

I got in touch with Chloe and asked her about the song and this is what she said,

“No matter where we are in the world there’s nothing better than coming home to loved ones and feeling a sense of belonging and that’s what this song was written about. No amount of money or luxury will every rule over family and love, love makes me feel like home!”

Chloe Chadwick:

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