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Next week is the anniversary of Belles and Gals and the site will be hosting our first ever gig in Liverpool on Saturday night to celebrate. To say I couldn’t be more delighted with the line-up is an understatement, with three of the best country artists in the UK appearing. Over the next few days I’ll be writing a spotlight piece on each of the artists and today I start with the brilliant Samantha Lloyd.

I first came across Samantha in the middle of last year when it was suggested to me that she was a ‘must-listen’. So listen I did! Samantha released her debut EP “Now That You’re Gone’ in the early part of last year and it’s simply outstanding. The EP certainly made a mark on me, as it is one of the five nominations for our ‘UK EP of the Year’. Samantha also has a nomination in the ‘Video of the Year’ category, with the stunning  and very emotional “Everybody Can’t Be Wrong” (below).

I finished my review of Samantha Lloyd’s EP with the following paragraph –

“The “Now That You’re Gone” EP as a whole is simply brilliant. You buy some music and you find a nice mix of different standalone songs, but here each track makes part of the whole and you find yourself appreciating the songs and the emotions more after hearing each preceding song. Samantha Lloyd has a fantastic voice too and there is little doubt that this is just the start for the Stoke based singer songwriter. I can’t wait to hear more.”

To read the full review, click here

The three songs featured in the videos above all appear on the EP and to have a listen yourself you can download it here, while there are still tickets available to our Liverpool gig, so click here to buy one. To find out more about Samantha Lloyd, click her social links below.

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