Kira Mac EP Review

kira mac

We featured Kira Mac on Belles and Gals for the first time at the end of last year, when we showed the video for the brilliant ‘Storm on the Horizon’ single and at the time I wrote ‘Kira Mac has an EP on the horizon and if the rest of the tracks are anywhere near as good as this one, we’re all in for a treat’. Well the EP is out tomorrow and I can tell you now that I was right.

The EP starts with the single ‘Storm on the Horizon’. Straight away you’ll know that Kira has an impressively powerful voice, this forceful track full of sass as she belts her way through this opening number. There is no way you can listen to this song without turning it up and with some really nice guitar work to add to those powerful vocals – this is a fantastic opening.

The next track is ‘Whiskey’, which is coincidentally exactly what I was drinking when Kira Mac joined Emma Moore on stage at the inaugural Belles and Gals live event on Saturday night (and absolutely rocked out together!). This is another high energy song about the danger of the demon drink and another illustration of the power of that voice.

The first few bars of ‘Tiny Town’ start and you’ll know that there is a change of pace, with a more traditional country song on its way. For me, this is the highlight of the EP, just a really good ‘hometown’ song which Kira navigates perfectly. This is a nice contrast to the power vocals of the opening two tracks and shows a great versatility in her talent, which really bodes well for the future.

One look at the title of the last song and you’ll know that the attitude and sass will be back in full force, even before you hear the first line. ‘Dressed to Fight’ is a great finish, where Kira Mac sends out a warning to a potential love rival – and the way she sings this there’s little doubt as to who the winner will be.

This EP from Kira Mac is a fantastic debut. The singer has a brilliantly powerful voice and she really isn’t afraid to use it, while the perfect glimpse of more classic country in the middle suggests that this is a lady who could have all bases covered.

The EP comes out tomorrow – buy it here

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