Track By Track Review of Lady Antebellum’s ‘Ocean’ LP

On Friday, November 15th multi-Grammy award-winning trio Lady Antebellum return with their stunning new album ‘Ocean’. The record sees the group returning to their organic sonic roots with a simplistic approach to harmonies and production.

Here we review the LP track by track ahead of its Friday release:

What If I Never Get Over You

The record opens with the lead single and it is the perfect way to kick-start the LP as it showcases that the trio are right back to where they’re supposed to be in terms of their sound. There’s no overproduction and the simple guitar strings allow for their stunning three-piece harmonies to really shine. It’s a delicate slice of country-pop crossover that is a true treat for the ears.


Up next is another track that was released as a single and once again we see Lady A go back to the start. This is one of the major standouts on the album tracklist and Hillary Scott’s vocal tone is simply sublime, especially on the lead harmonies with Charles Kelley. All about how we paint the perfect life across social media, this one will no doubt strike with many listeners across the globe.

Crazy Love

This one is a beautiful track about Charles Kelley’s love with his wife. It’s a stunning ballad that gives us a glimpse of how Kelley re-found his faith and in turn, rebuilt his strong bond and foundation within his marriage. It once again showcases the rawness and openness Lady Antebellum are giving their fans through this record. A truly outstanding country song.

You Can Do You

At number 4 is a funky, up-tempo cut that has a dash of pop/rock crossover that will no doubt sound epic when performed live. This one drives the album into exciting new avenues and shines a light on the depth of musicality Lady A possesses. It’s a real party anthem that will definitely become the sing-a-long favourite during festival season.

What I’m Leaving For

Once again the band open their hearts and since being released as a single this song has become a major fan favourite and it certainly is a truly breathtaking addition to the ‘Ocean’ tracklist. With its gorgeous piano melody and divine vocal harmonies between Dave Haywood, Kelley, and Scott it’s truly one of Lady A’s best songs ever. Giving a real insight into what life is like as a touring act, it also allows us a glimpse into the struggles the trio go through every time they hit the road.

Be Patient With My Love

This is the last taste of the album fans get before its official release this Friday and once again the group take us right back to the start in terms of sonic sound and thought-provoking lyrics. Charles Kelley takes the lead on this one, which is dedicated to his wife and sees him owning up to pushing her away and how he’s now realised the wrongs he made and how he’s returning to the man he was. It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.


At number 7 is this powerful anthemic track which sees Hillary Scott taking the lead with supporting vocals from Charles Kelley. This one is all about how your partner, loved ones and the Lord can lift you up and make you see that everything is going to be alright. Starting off slow it builds to a catchy chorus that will no doubt be belted out across forthcoming tours. It’s a fantastic addition to the majorly impressive tracklist.

Let It Be Love

Another piano-led ballad allows for Lady A to really strip their sound back to its core and this one is a delicate, divine track that will strike a chord with fans worldwide. All about how when anger gets to you, love will raise you up and lead the way to find the calm in the eye of the storm. It’s a breathtaking cut on the record and has the potential to become a global radio hit if officially lifted off the album.

On A Night Like This

There is always something truly special when everything gets stripped away to leave Charles and Hillary’s soaring harmonies as the centre point and this heartfelt ballad is a breathtaking track that showcases the incredible vocal tone of both artists. Nobody does a heartstring-pulling soft, country song quite like Lady Antebellum and this one is absolutely divine.


Another track that was officially released as a single and it kicks the album into another gear and ups the pace while keeping to the core lyrical story of love, and truth that is weaved throughout the record. Charles once again takes the lead on vocals and his gravel-rich tone is truly perfect on this one, an impressive track.

The Thing That Wrecks You Ft Little Big Town

Possibly the most anticipated song on the ‘Ocean’ album this collaboration does not disappoint. It’s a spectacular track that really allows the LP to breathe and takes us into a new sonic direction, whilst the added vocals of Little Big Town lift it up and take it to exhilarating new heights. This is going to be massive.


The penultimate song on the LP is feel-good one about learning to appreciate what you’ve got and not yearning for the riches in life and just loving who you’re with. It’s a wonderful addition to the tracklist and shines a light on the lyrical ability the band effortlessly possess. It’s gorgeous with a thought-provoking story that will leave you feeling like what you have is enough in this world.


The truly heartbreakingly beautiful title track closes out the record and it is one of the best songs you’re likely to hear this year from any artist from any genre. It’s simplistic in its approach and the poignant lyrics really hit hard. Hillary Scott takes the lead and her vocals are truly mesmerizing, she feels the words deep in her heart and you can really hear it in the emotional delivery. It is the perfect way to close out the LP.

Overall ‘Ocean’ is an outstanding collection of country ballads that take Lady Antebellum back to their roots and really puts the band back on the map as the best country group on the scene – their best album to date.


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