Spotlight on Jess Morgan

Jess Morgan is a singer songwriter from Norwich who just recently released her fourth album Edison Gloriette. The album was recorded in Bergen, Norway – Jess wanting to record slowly and meaningfully following a mad 5 years of touring and rapid releases, while teaming up again with the collaborators from her 2010 debut producer HP Gundersen and producer and studio engineer Daniel Birkeland.

I was lucky enough to see Jess Morgan play live just last week when she made an appearance at the Americana Fest UK event. The set was a very intimate one, although the small venue was jam packed. We were treated to five songs from the album and it’s clear that Jess Morgan has a unique talent, where she crafts stories into lovely melodies, with a voice to match.

I have featured two of the songs from the set in video form – ‘Don’t Meet Your Heroes’ and ‘In Brooklyn’, while the set was completed by ‘In Your Life’, ‘A Hundred Years Old’ and ‘Hymn in the Morning’. For more information on Jess Morgan visit her website here and you can download ‘Edison Gloriette’ here.

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