ALBUM REVIEW: Sarah Darling’s ‘Dream Country’ by Laura K.


The wait is finally over! Sarah Darling has released her eagerly anticipated new album ‘Dream Country’. The LP features 11 songs including a wonderful cover of ‘Tell That Devil’ which is performed by Hayden Panettiere’s character Juliette Barnes in the hit US music drama Nashville.
The songs ‘Stargazer’, and ‘Halley’s Comet’ will transport you to another world and leave you with a warm feeling as Sarah’s sweet and soothing vocals wash over you. This album is definitely her best release to date and really showcases her wonderful writing ability as well as her stunning vocal range.
Another standout song on the record is ‘Where Cowboys Ride’. Darling’s vocals sound incredible and you will feel as if you are with her on the journey.
This collection of songs really puts Sarah Darling on the map and proves that she is one to watch. She will no doubt be snapped up by a major label soon.
‘Dream Country’ is a sublime collection of beautiful country tracks; it is probably the best country LP you will listen to this year.
RATING 4.5/5
Review written by Laura K.
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