Katy Hurt – C2C Interview

Here is Katy Hurt with a brilliant cover of Cam’s ‘Half Broke Heart’ one of a series of songs she recorded covering other artists who would be appearing at C2C alongside Katy herself (check out some other great covers too here). I saw Katy’s set on the Sunday morning and it got the day off to a fine start, her outstanding voice and brilliant performance being one of the highlights of the weekend for me. I was lucky enough to catch up with Katy for a chat afterwards:

How exciting was it when you found out you’d be at C2C this year?

It was incredibly exciting! I’ve been here every year as a fan and to every single night since it started, so to find out that I was going to be playing was such an hour, to be playing at this festival alongside these other artists. It’s been so much fun too. We got here on Thursday for the CMA Songwriters with Maren Morris, Drake White, Liz Rose, Mac McAnally and Kristian Bush and that was like kind of a lesson in what we should be doing and how we should be portraying ourselves, so it was great to see that. And obviously, the two performances that we’ve done and to see the reaction from the crowd, its just been so wonderful.

Who are you most excited about seeing at C2C?

I’m really excited to see Maren do a full stage show, but I have to say that Drake White has got my heart – I’ve seen every one of his performances so far! (I then  mentioned that Drake White was doing a signing nearby when Katy was performing). Yes, I know, I was like, I really want to leave the stage and go see him (laughs). I was really tempted to call him up on stage!

I had such a good time on stage. It was great to see people singing along – singing words I wrote back to me, which is a crazy experience!

I finished by asking Katy about her upcoming plans.

Well the new single ‘Dust’ was out on Friday (10th March) and there’ll be a lot of shows for that, and we had a limited edition EP out for C2C only. I’m hoping in the next few weeks that will go out and then we’ll be touring and then doing more gigs and festivals over the summer.

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