C2C Interview – Twinnie

Here is the eighth of the nine C2C interviews – this time when I caught up Twinnie just before her performance on Sunday afternoon.

How excited were you when you found out you’d be appearing at C2C?

Very excited. I think the e-mail I sent back to my management team was like ‘you’re a bunch of legends, I effing love you’, so yes I was really excited. It was really special for me as its the first year I’ve played here and there just seems to be a buzz around – everyone is so lovely and they really care about the music. The Shires, who are my friends, are playing, and Lucie Silvas who is a real mate of mine is playing, so it feels almost like a family event. It’s not like a festival that I’ve ever been to or ever known – it’s indoors but it feels outside and you have all these pop up stages showcasing new talent which I think is brilliant. Yeah it’s amazing.

How has your weekend been so far?

Amazing! I mentioned Lucie Silvas and she is the reason I’m hungover today because her set was on really late and I’ve only seen her once. She said stay, so yeah, I feel a bit worse for wear (laughs).

How did it feel appearing for the first time yesterday?

Do you know what? I wasn’t nervous. I was quite surprised with how many people were there, I thought I was just going to be playing to no people. Yeah, it was absolutely brilliant and I was signing for like 45 minutes afterwards and it was crazy. I felt like a superstar.

Which artists are you looking forward to seeing yourself this weekend?

Well, that girl Twinnie is really good (laughs). My friends basically. Lucie, Brothers Osborne, Maren…

What can we expect from you in the coming weeks and months?

I’ve got an EP coming out in a few months time and a record probably at the end of the year. Which is quite exciting. So, yeah. Watch this space!






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