Taylor Acorn – Put It in a Song EP Review (review written by Liam Lewis)

I am difficult to please when it comes to finding new artists. However, occasionally I am recommended an artist or an album that blows my mind and Taylor Acorn’s debut EP ‘Put It In a Song’ is one of those times.

The first time I came across Taylor was in September 2016 when she released her single ‘Without you.’ A chance Spotify find. However, in March of this year she was recommended to me by several artists who had been discussing some newcomers to the country scene with me. There’s something about her vocals that clicked in my mind and I’ve been excited to see what she could do with her voice. On hearing that Taylor had released a debut EP I knew I had to listen straight away. It is safe to say that I was not disappointed.

Opening with the title track ‘Put It in a Song’ the EP gets off to a great start. The incredibly catchy blend of country-pop lends itself well to the recent popularity of upbeat country-pop love songs. Although not your traditional love song, Taylor does incredibly well to blend remarkable story telling with strong emotion into her lyrics. Next up is ‘Same.’ A personal favourite of mine. The subtle guitar coupled with a hint of drums and occasional piano is the perfect blend of instrumental for the lyrics of this track. The song reminisces of a past love and the conflict of emotions that occurs after a breakup. Taylor’s vocal ability shines through in this track. Her impressive vocal control and range makes for a strong grounding for her career.

‘Something Tonight’ continues the distinct blend of country-pop which Taylor has displayed throughout her EP to this point. Smooth pop hooks with a hint of country guitar is appealing to pop fans as well as country music fans. The lyrics display the strong emotions of falling in love and the feelings that can come from spending time with someone you feelings for. It is surprisingly catchy, and I am tapping my feet to the beat as I type this review!

‘Guys like you’ begins with a strong country guitar and immediately had me hooked! Although I am a sucker for country guitar, the song quickly progresses to a pop beat with a hint of steel-pedal guitar in the background. This subtlety is perfect in today’s ‘modern country’ world. Finally, the EP concludes with ‘Seventeen’. The chorus of this is sure to get stuck in your head.

Taylor’s debut EP is incredibly impressive, and it will be on my recommendations list for some time. The perfect blend of country-pop and emotional lyrics, coupled with Taylor’s incredible voice will be surely enjoyed by many.

Rating: 4.5/5

Track list:
1. Put It in A song
2. Same
3. Something Tonight
4. Guys Like you
5. Seventeen

Review written by Liam Lewis

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