New Music from Rosey Cale!

After interviewing Welsh singer/songwriter Rosey Cale in April ( , I was so excited to listen to her new music. Today I was lucky enough to hear her brand new single, Whiskey Than Wine, before it’s release on Friday!

Whiskey Than Wine is a highly emotive song that has a soft, acoustic sound accompanied by Rosey’s breathtaking vocals. It differs from the sound of her first EP, Creating Images, but still showcases an outstanding amount of lyrical creativity.

Grammy Award-Winning songstress Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud) co-wrote with Cale to produce this single, and features on the track playing the instrumental.

Rosey writes from her Grandad’s perspective here, simplifying something as complex and raw as grief into strong, meaningful lyrics. A majority of people are going to relate with this song and it’s overall nostalgic, bittersweet melody: It’s safe to say I’m definitely one of them!

The track is not only recorded in English, but Welsh too! ‘Y Gytgan Anghyflawn’ is also due for release this Friday. Rosey is very proud of her heritage and I believe both versions are going to be a huge success for her.

‘Whiskey Than Wine’ is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music this Friday, June 29th!

Meanwhile, you can check out Rosey’s YouTube channel where she uploads regular Sunday covers below:

Article written by Megan Roberts (

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