INTERVIEW: Tanya Ryan Talks New Single and LP

Tanya Ryan is a country crossover artist who is expected to make major waves this year.

Recently, she dropped a brand new single titled “My Heart Song” which is lifted off her forthcoming album, Open – arriving on February 20th.

Here we chat to Tanya Ryan to discuss her latest single and upcoming LP:

You recently released your new single ‘My Heart Song’, how are you finding the response so far? 

Yes, it’s very exciting! The response has been quite overwhelming and wonderful. I have received some really touching stories and people sharing with me some of their struggles and how this song really resonated with them. It’s more than I expected, I’m really touched.

What would you say is the biggest inspiration behind this track?

I wrote “My Heart Song” during a depression that was really lengthy, dark, and uncomfortable for me… there were times I doubted my ability to overcome it. “My Heart Song” was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. The reminder that there’s always something there supporting you if you listen deeply.

What do you hope fans take away from the lyrical story?

My hope with releasing this song is that people find themselves in the lyrics. Find their own hearts, their own struggles, and know that in the times that seem the darkest and most isolated – that they’re never truly alone.

The new track is lifted off your forthcoming project ‘Open’, what has the writing process been like for this LP?

It’s been both wonderful and intimidating! My intention behind this album was to be entirely candid, real, and ‘Open’… so, it’s liberating to unveil all those parts and pieces – and at the same time feels incredibly vulnerable which is always a bit daunting. It’s been a glorious medley of emotions!

The record features a fusion of genres including country, was that a natural transition or a conscious decision to make it that way?

Very much natural. Almost accidental, at times. When I went into the studio, I specifically said to my producer: “Let’s not worry about producing this as a country album – or any specific genre. I just want the music to compliment each song in the best possible way. Whatever that looks like.” And that’s what we did. I’m so happy with it.

Is there one song on the tracklist, in particular, you’re most excited about sharing?

My Heart Song”; because the meaning behind that song is so important to me. After that… hmmm, it gets tricky! “Almost Famous” was written for my kindred spirits, so that one perhaps. Or “So. Damn. Good.” because it’s so fun.

What can we expect from the country-influenced tracks on the LP?

“I Want You” embodies the most country qualities on the album; it’s a modern country sound, with drive and conviction. The lyrics revolve around the concept of loving someone because you choose them, because you make a conscious decision to love them – as opposed to needing someone. It was meant to convey the idea of a healthy, inter-dependent relationship.

What would you say has been the biggest challenge for you whilst making this album?

I had a tremendous amount of trouble with my voice for nearly a year and half which made recording in that time impossible. It was part of what lead to the depression I went through. When your core form of expression is hindered, it makes managing and coping emotions a lot more challenging. I had to be really patient with myself and my body while I rehabbed my voice, and I had to find other forms of expression – such as my blog on – to outlet my emotions. It was challenging and I would love not to go through it again any time soon!

Which songs on the tracklist were the most difficult, and easiest to finish?

My Heart Song” was simultaneously the easiest and hardest to write. It was written very quickly, sort of just fell out of me – and naturally was difficult based on the sensitivity of the content and the vulnerability required.

Dimes” would have been my easiest overall – the production is incredibly straight forward, and simple. Just a piano and a vocal. Writing it took very little time. And the most arduous was “I Want You” – it was written twice over, in its entirety, and produced twice as well. I had recorded the bed tracks prior to my vocal failure – when I came back to it 18 months later, I felt that what we had originally recorded was a disservice to the song. So we re-did it. I like to call it the expensive song! Ha!

Do you plan on touring the record?

At this point I have a number of shows planned to premiere the album that are taking place quite locally, and I am so truly excited for them. I have been working on this show concept for a few months now and I’m really looking forward to finally putting it out! As for a tour… I have a sort of logistical situation to work around – in that I’m delivering a baby sometime in April – and I feel like trying to make any sort of plan will end up being a little in vain. That said, once my husband and I get some sort of groove with this whole having a kid thing – then I can start to conceptualize a tour and even start working on another project!

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