Deanna Wheeler’s UK Tour

Deanna Wheeler is heading over to the UK next week for her first ever headline tour. The California native kicks off her UK tour in London on Wednesday 5th February, and ends the tour in Glastonbury on the 23rd. We caught up with Deanna this week to talk all things music.

Hi Deanna! You’re about to embark on your first headline tour of the UK. How are your excitement levels right now?

Focused and ready but yes so incredibly excited! (jumping up and down squealing)

You’re doing 14 dates across the UK and going as far afield as Brighton and Edinburgh. It doesn’t look like there will be much downtime, but do you have any other plans when in the UK apart from sleep!?

Success doesn’t sleep 🙂 The dates kept coming in and we found a way to fit them in. I do also have some radio shows lined up one for Premium Blend Radio Show & Radio Reverb! Also oddly enough😃 a friend of mine from when I was in grade school told me she lives there so I’ll be linking up with an old friend 🙂 I’m excited to spend some of my off time getting to know the supporting bands amazing enough to hop my tour with me. The Newarkansans, Scott Nicholls Finola and Calum Bowie. We are destined to make lasting memories. I’ve come with an amazing team So I’m excited.


Tell us a little about career for those who are new to you. How would you describe your sound? And what was it that inspired you to have a career in music?

My story is not your average musician story that’s for sure. After my military service and divorce… I moved to Austin where music actually found me. Somewhat of a whirl wind music scene entrance. The states beat award winning producer heard me and wanted to record and we started recording the next day. It was then that I went around looking for player and started playing live. Within 6 month invited to showcase at SXSW and about to go on tour with another country artist. Then I was plagued with an illness that left me paralyzed for 5 months (Giuliano’s Barre) . What you see now is the result of that fight. Back on stage and ready to make a name for myself. As far as my sound I call it several different things but have settled on my own version of country called Gypsy Country Rock.

Deanna Wheeler recording a session for our friends over at ‘Live in the Living Room’ 

You have quite a back story, being a veteran of the US Air Force. That’s certainly not a route that many singer songwriter’s have taken. What can you tell us about that?

I served in the Air Force proudly earned the the Rank of SrA and was medically retired. Once I learned my name could make money for a cause. I began giving my time to many veteran and military non profits. Still to this day. I’m fact doing a Veteran Charity show upon my arrival back to the states for OP Veteran.

The UK tour is kickstarting your new year. What other plans can you tell us about for 2020?

Well I just got invited back another year to be an official SXSW Showcasing Artist here in Austin. Aside from that my plan is to turn around and do the same thing and start planning my stateside tour. 🤘 I am going to try and make it back out to the UK later this year as well. Hopefully while it’s MUCH warmer 🙏 Trust me you haven’t seen the last of me.

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