Interview with Sarah Darling at the 2019 C2C Festival

If you’re a fan of country music here in the UK, it’s almost a given that you’re also a fan of Sarah Darling. Sarah has graced these shores many times in the last few years and it was delightful to see her back at C2C festival. We caught up with Sarah on Saturday and talked about her love of the UK, her upcoming album and her headline tour!

Hi Sarah can I start by saying congratulations on yet another appearance at C2C! The O2 must feel a little bit like home now!?

It does. I Can’t believe this is my fourth year being here. And each year I feel like I’m kind of graduating stages and more fans. And it’s just wonderful to see,well first of all country music growing so much, but it’s just exciting to grow with the fans especially as we keep releasing new music. It’s wonderful too. I’m just excited.

You had an early start this morning on the Radio 2 stage at 10.30am! I guess coffee helped?

You know what was funny? I didn’t have as much coffee as you actually think this morning! I wish I would have had more. I had one cup today. I got up at 6am and there was a full packed house of fans. So those people who got up for an early start – I loved them for that!

Which artists are you most excited about seeing yourself this weekend?

Goodness. I was excited to see there’s a group called Runaway June here. I think they’re quite new to the UK and I’m a fan of their music. Don’t forget Carly Pearce is in the room. And I love her voice as well. So very excited about those two!

It’s been an incredible few years for your career. Have you got any particular highlights that really stand out?

Oh goodness. I think last year I went on my first headlining tour over here and it was just really enlightening and when I went back to Nashville I just felt so much love just for the music that I’ve been sharing over the years – and people sing back the words to my songs. I think ‘Where Cowboys Ride’ was the first time I heard that last year -was really wonderful. It was a great feeling.

Yesterday you released your new single ‘Fire’, a beautiful and atmospheric track. How did the song come about?

Actually there is a great great story behind ‘Wonderland’ the album as well as that song. The album was actually written here in the U.K. which is a fun story. I wanted to make a project. I wanted to write songs outside of the normal scenery and I saw a quote, a Van Gogh quote, I was just like in passing – I think I was just travelling and I found it and it was talking about how you know the fire that we have. You know, if everyone could see it, then things would be different. It’s that the idea of passion that drives you to the next level. And I was so inspired I wrote a song about it. 

(“There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke.” – Vincent Van Gogh)


Is there a particular song you enjoy playing live above all others?

That’s a good question! Right now, from the the new album I’m really liking this song called ‘Shine’. It’s really fun to play. Old songs off ‘Dream Country’ I think ‘Where Cowboys Ride’ is still one of my faves and ‘Halley’s Comet’ too.

Sarah Darling with Laura Klonowski of Belles and Gals

Whenever I mention the name Sarah Darling people smile or say nice things! Tell us something about yourself that’s not so nice!

Oh God! This is great. Well, like I can be quite messy I guess, when I get in a space like if I get into a hotel room I’m just like SHOES DRESSES whatever everywhere! Yeah. So I can be messy. I like clothes, I buy too many clothes.

Why do you think there is such a affinity between yourself and your fans here in the UK?

I think we have a genuine connection. You know, not only my love story started here but I think that I have come over and not just come to London but I’ve gone all over the UK and toured and made really great relationships. And I almost feel like it’s just their loyalty of the U.K. fan and you know it’s like a connection that it feels just meant to be. And I feel like I’m meant to be releasing music here.

I don’t think there is a fan in the UK not excited about the release of your upcoming ‘Wonderland’. And you’re heading out on an eight date tour ahead of the release. How are your excitement and nerve levels ahead of the tour?

Oh goodness. I think it’s feels very personal because I produced the album and wrote it. So it’s really exciting to be able to share it with everybody. So I think everyone is like ‘what’s this gonna sound like?’ . So it’s like showing your kids off you know. Yeah I’m excited!

Interview conducted by Nick Cantwell (

Title Photo Credit: Aaron Klein (courtesy of O2 Event Photography)

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