Helena Mace – ‘Save It For Another Day’ – Out Tomorrow!

Helena Mace releases her new single ‘Save It For Another Day’ tomorrow! Helena has been regularly featured on Belles and Gals and with a new single as good as this one, it’s plain to see why. The song focuses on an elderly male looking back on his life and has a wonderful poignant feel, drawing you in from the very first note. I caught up with Helena earlier this week to chat about the song!

Hi Helena! Your new single ‘Save It For Another Day’ is out tomorrow – a sad song that does a wonderful job of painting a picture of the male lead character. Where did the inspiration come from? And was this easy to write once it started flowing?

I have been lucky enough to be surrounded by musicians from a young age as my dad and his friends were in bands for many years. I also have many musician friends and I like watching old music documentaries so I got a lot of inspiration for this track. It can be a sad lonely life but some people are happy in their own loneliness.

The song is just fantastic and has already been described as ‘the best song you’ve released.. ever’. As a songwriter, do you ‘know’ when you’ve penned a special one?

Thank you. Everyone has been so kind about it. I wanted to write something a little different to my previous music and wanted to tap into the lifestyle of someone who had once had something quite special and probably still had but they have forgotten how to use it. This song is quite special to me as I feel it tells quite a story which some may relate to whether or not you are in the music industry or not.

2018 saw you nominated for a number of awards, both in the UK and internationally. That must give you a great confidence going forward!

2018 has been amazing. I have been very busy and the awards and critics reviews have just topped what was an incredible year. I self manage and finance what I do on top of being a mum so to be noticed for what I do really means lot.

To finish, tell us where we can download/buy/stream ‘Save it For Another Day’?

Save it for another day will be available to download on all major download sites from Friday 15th March!

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