Jessica Lynn Releases Poignant Christmas Single

New Yorker Jessica Lynn is an artist who is no stranger to celebrating the festive season BIG time, having gained a reputation for her high-octane Christmas specials at the state’s Paramount Theater which have sold out for the last four years in a row. However, it looks like we will all have make some adjustments to our celebrations this year, something Jessica is of course well aware of and which is reflected in her poignant new single ” It’s Just Not Christmas” which was released last Friday, 20th November and which can be streamed/downloaded here

The song has a beautiful simplicity and honesty about it, and speaks to the many who won’t be with those they love at this special time of year…” all I’m wishing for, Santa can’t bring and it’s breaking my heart in two….”.
While it captures a perennial, permanent truth about such feelings, its message definitely resonates this year in particular for many reasons that need no explanation. Jessica’s heartfelt, wistful vocals are supplemented by those of Steve Marks of UK country group Gasoline and Matches, who also plays guitar on the track.
“Christmas time can be hard when you are missing someone around the holidays” reflect Jessica, ” Things never quite feel the same once they are gone. I wanted to keep the production on this song very simple to tell that story in a pure and honest way. This is a very special release for me and it means a lot to share it with everyone”. Look out for the accompanying video coming soon, too!

And it’s recently been announced that Jessica will be putting on a virtual version of her popular Christmas show this year, which is particularly good to hear as it is the biggest fundraiser of the entire year for Westchester’s “Toys For Tots” charity. The performance by Jessica and her band will be live streamed on 10th December at 8pm EST from Daryl’s House ( these shows from the home of the legendary Daryl Hall are always so good, by the way!) with viewers naturally being able to make donations to the charity as they watch. And on December 1st, 7.30pm EST big hearted Jessica will be performing ” A Concert For A Cause” on her FaceBook page to raise funds for the African Community and Conservation Foundation which supports both animals and people and needs funds more than ever this year as the pandemic has seen an increase in people turning to poaching to support their families.
More details of both these shows, together with her planned UK tour dates in 2021 ( everything crossed for these of course!) can be found here and naturally you can keep up to date with all Jessica’s news via her socials.

Article written by Lesley Hastings (

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