Lucy Blu – ‘Only Just Begun’ EP Review

We’re happy to announce that UK artist Lucy Blu will be releasing her EP ‘Only Just Begun’ across all digital stores and streaming services on the 28th of February! Following a string of chart-topping singles and major festival appearances in 2019, Lucy is extremely excited for her first release of 2020

I was lucky enough to see Lucy last year when she was performing at the Slaughtered Lamb in London and she blew me away with a countrified Green Day cover. Each song in Country music always tells a brilliant story and this is certainly the case with ‘Only Just Begun’.

Row Own Your Own has a powerful message behind it. One lyric in particular that stands out for me is ‘picking up the holes and rocking up the boats, just row your own’, as a woman in a relationship or even a friendship you can tell Lucy is a strong woman and this song for me is one every one can take a message from.

Ready To Be Lonely has such a dark tone to it, Lucy is talking about a break up from a previous relationship and the memory of the person she was with, ‘there is a bottle on the table and a sad song on the table’ means she is starting to accept what has happened and move on. You can relate to this song, as it takes a while to pick up the pieces – she sings this so well and her tone is so mellow and very sad.

Tequila Made Me Do It is a fun and upbeat song on the EP, Lucy is talking about the previous night’s shenanigans ‘we stayed out until 4 am and I lost my kind of sense’ when you are out with the girls the last thing you want to do is think about the guy you are seeing. This is probably my favourite song on the EP as there is a lovely guitar solo before the last chorus and it’s a great anthem for Lucy!

Worse Than Whiskey is another upbeat track, Lucy talking about heartbreak and the guy she is with that evening ‘my memory is hazy and you are driving me crazy and my head is spinning around and getting harder to breathe’, – a song about temptation which compares the male protagonist to the demon drink.

Rock Salt and Nails is a lovely mellow song, Lucy talks about her memories of being on the beach and being ‘on the banks of the river, where the willows hang down’. It was there where she saw an ex-boyfriend who told her lies so it brings back memories of the time that she can’t erase – she has the letters there to remind her of him. But now she is on her own and everywhere she looks she has memories – even though she is lonely, she is trying to get her revenge.

Row Your Own (Live) is a live performance from Lucy – you can hear the audience really enjoying this song and it is one of Lucy’s biggest numbers to date. I like the fact this version is acoustic as it shows off Blu’s tone and is stripped back.

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Review written by Lauren Bayram

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