Roni Perry – ‘Place Your Bets’ Album Review

We featured Roni Perry on Belles and Gals for the first time back in November and I wrote the following, ‘There are times when I think that I’ve got a good knowledge of the best artists on the UK country scene, and then suddenly a new artist appears and I think ‘wow, how did I not know about this artist??’ – Roni Perry falls right in the middle of that category.’ So I was delighted when I found out she was recording a new album.

‘Place Your Bets’ is the name of the album and starts with ‘Neverland’. This is a great upbeat opener about a relationship that is going nowhere and you’re involved in the album immediately – an ideal first track.  The title track is next up and is certainly one of the highlights of the album. This song has everything you want from a good country song, attitude and sass, a great guitar solo and a rocking chorus.

Throughout the album Roni shows off great versatility, able to perform a ballad as brilliantly as she nails those faster numbers. ‘Don’t Ya Worry’ is a beautiful number, which is certain to grow on you with every subsequent listen, while ‘Square Glass Bottle’ is a captivating song about drowning your sorrows.

Other standout songs on the album include ‘Shooting Range’ where Roni’s powerful vocals really come to the fore and the penultimate number ‘One Last Try’ which will have you reaching for the volume button. The final song is ‘Smoking and Drinking’ and is a brilliant end to the album, where the singer laments the fact that another is ‘too far away’.

‘Place Your Bets’ is a fantastic listen from start to finish. The album has a great variety while maintaining a real and almost gritty feel throughout each of the ten songs. This really draws you in and having listened once, you are certain to listen again and again. Roni Perry’s vocals are very impressive throughout, while you have to give a nod to the band too – the guitar work is fantastic and at times the combination of Roni’s voice and the backing vocals is spot on. I was a fan before hearing this album, but Roni Perry has really raised the bar – this is a must buy.

‘Place Your Bets’ came out at the start of March and her UK tour starts in London on the 12th April.

You can buy ‘Place Your Bets’ by visiting Roni’s website here

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