SINGLE REVIEW: Shania Twain’s ‘Poor Me’ – Laura Klonowski

Canadian country legend Shania Twain has released another brand new track off her upcoming album ‘Now’. The forthcoming LP is Twain’s first studio release in fifteen years following the release of ‘Up!’ way back in 2002.
The LP has been inspired by the dark times in Shania’s life. Her messy divorce from Mutt Lange, her battle with Lyme’s disease which almost robbed her of her voice entirely, and many more periods in her lifetime.
The new release off ‘Now’ is the heart-breaking, poignant ‘Poor Me’. The song is all about the hurt she suffered during and after her split from Lange, who allegedly had an affair with Twain’s former best friend.
The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, and Shania Twain’s vocals sound more like they did fifteen years ago. There’s a catch in her voice which adds to the drama of the track.
It’s completely different to ‘Life’s About To Get Good’ or any other song she has ever released in truth. It’s honest and raw, and peels back the emotions she was feeling at this dark time. It doesn’t have the sass that the 51-year-old is famous for, this has instead been replaced by a raw vulnerability that we have never seen before.
‘Poor Me’ gives us a taste of what we can expect from ‘Now’, and showcases the emotion Twain has put into this album.
RATING: 4.5/5.
Review written by Laura Klonowski
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