Interview with Kaitie Wade

It’s always fantastic to feature new artists on Belles and Gals and in Kaitie Wade we’re featuring one of the best. The Seattle-born singer is now based in Nashville and is making great waves on the country scene. I was delighted to catch up with Kaitie for a chat this week!

Hi Kaitie, earlier this year you released your debut EP “Starts With a Song”. That must have been so exciting?!

Oh my goodness, exciting is an understatement. The process of watching my music come to life through my amazing musicians was incredible. Watching it come together layer by layer right there on Music Row is something I will never forget.

The lead single from the EP is “Don’t Wanna Miss”, a song which just stays in your head long after you’ve heard it. Tell us how the song came about.

“Don’t Wanna Miss” is the first song I wrote for this record, and the song that has truly excelled my career to new heights I didn’t think were possible. It came to me in a really strange way. During my last ever finals week of college,  I was sitting in a Walmart parking lot after getting groceries. A thought crossed my mind – “man, I wish I was at Watershed Festival right now”. All the sudden, a melody started brewing and next thing I know I am sitting there for 5 hours recording into my phone until the chorus was complete. I co-wrote the rest of the song with my buddy Dylan Ander from NYC.

Another favorite is the title track “Starts With a Song”, a number which shows real attitude in your music – the message of the song is fantastic. From the song I get the idea that you’ve worked real hard to achieve the acclaim you’re now deserving of?

First off, thank you so much! “Starts With a Song” has a lot of themes in it , all of which I drew from real life experiences. The music industry can be pretty crazy sometimes. Some people in the music industry try to get to the top in ways that compromise who they are, or their morals and values. Some people pay their way in, some show some skin, etc. This song is about how I refuse to compromise and I am going to get where I want to be by the only fool-proof and respectable way: straight up hard work and dedication. This song is an honest and slightly comical statement of who I am as an artist. I think people will get to know me quite well by listening to the lyrics, such as “I’m a wreck in high heels, ain’t about skipping meals, sleeping with CEOs or signing ten year deals”. I wanted to just be really real with everyone and be like “hey, this is who I am, and that’s that”. I hope it empowers others too.

You’re from Seattle but have made the move to Nashville. And you made that move with no connections whatsoever. That must have been a tough decision to make?

Yes, in fact, it was one of the toughest decisions of my life. I was only 17 when I made the move and did not know much about real life let alone starting a music career. It was EXTREMELY rough and I suffered from a lot of anxiety and depression. Looking back, though, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it has truly shaped me into who I am today.

Give us an insight into how you got started as a singer. And has it always been country music?

I started singing before I could talk. I grew up in little church Christmas programs where I always wanted the solo. That lead me to leading worship starting at age 14. I was in high school choir and, at the time, thought that would be as far as I’ll get with my music career. Around that time, I came across a video on YouTube of a singing group at Belmont University. I told myself I will send in a video audition and if I get in, I will go. I did not think I would get in, but I DID! Studying music at Belmont strengthened me as a musician and an artist, but I am SO happy to be done so that I can put all of my focus into my artistry. It has not always been country music. I grew up with a strange mix of worship music, Bon Jovi, and R&B. I went into college with a “Colbie Callait” style of music , and came out with a country sass I didn’t even know I had.

Which artists have inspired you in your career? And which artists do you look up to in today’s scene?

Shania Twain, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Keith Urban. In today’s scene, I look up to powerhouses like Lauren Alaina and Maren Morris.

Tell us what the most special moment of your career has been so far?

The most special moment of my career so far was when I was asked to open for country star Russell Dickerson in my OWN HOME TOWN. Hearing the 700+ people singing my songs back to me was one of the most overwhelmingly emotional experiences EVER.

If you could play the perfect gig – where would it be and who would you do a duet with?

The perfect gig would be playing the main stage at Watershed Festival. Most beautiful outdoor venue on the planet. I would want to duet with Dierks Bentley or Brett Eldredge.

As we’re a website based in the UK, are there any plans for you to head over the pond to play for us one day? Please say yes!

Oh my gosh that would be AMAZING! I plan to perform in the UK at least once before I die, but finances won’t allow me to at the moment! I have full faith I will be there before I know it!

To finish, tell us about your plans for the rest of 2017. And where can our readers grab a copy of your EP?

The rest of 2017 for me is consisting of a lot of live shows, songwriting sessions, and promoting my EP. Readers can grab a copy of “Starts With a Song” on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, or my website (Where you can also purchase a physical signed copy)!


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