Your Voice, Your Choice #9 – Zoe Warren

Delighted to continue a great new feature on Belles and Gals today – “Your Voice, Your Choice”. We introduce one of our favourite songs from a  country artist and then the artist tells us in turn about a song that has inspired them and has a special place in their heart. Today we feature upcoming UK country artist Zoe Warren.

We featured Zoe Warren for the first time just last week when we interviewed her about the release of her latest single ‘Hurricane’. In the meantime she has uploaded a YouTube video of her performing an acoustic version of the song – I’m sure you’ll agree that the song is just brilliant. I asked Zoe about the song in the interview – ‘In a general sense, I’d say the song is about how everybody is going through something that nobody else knows anything about. People put on a brave face and carry on acting like everything is fine when sometimes we aren’t and that can be really difficult.’

To grab a copy of the single, head to Zoe’s website store here

Zoe has chosen ‘Time After Time’ by Cyndi Lauper

‘I just love everything about it. I love the guitar riff and the keyboard synth sounds. I love the lyrics, I love her raw vocals too. “If you fall I will catch you, I will be waiting, Time After Time” There is so much depth to the story the song is telling, such a different feel to her fun pop songs. I remember my mum listening to this song a lot when I was a kid and I loved it. Then when I started performing around age 16/17 it was my go-to cover song. I do love some of the many cover versions there are of the song too, Eva Cassidy’s is so soulful, but of course it’s all down to the amazing writing of the song by Cyndi and Rob Hyman. The dynamics of the ballad and the message of the song has just always really resonated with me. Bittersweet in some ways, a song about hard times but a real love that keeps coming back and is always there.’


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