Becky Lawrence – “What It Takes’ EP Review (Review by Liam Lewis)

Belles and Gals favourite Becky Lawrence has had a great few weeks after supporting Danny McMahon on two dates in Bristol and Gloucester, as well as releasing her newest EP. Titled ‘What It Takes’, Becky launched the EP with an evening at the Queen’s head pub in Box, Wiltshire in which she performed the songs from the EP, as well as covers including Whitney Houston’s ‘Dance with Somebody’. The EP consists of 4 songs, the first of which is ‘That Guy’ which was initially released as a single in June of this year. The song is highly energetic and is sure to get even the most immovable of individuals to tap along to the beat. The sonically solid rock influenced beat, would be the perfect introduction into the country music genre for those more familiar with rock. The catchy chorus instantly clicks into your mind and is sure to remain there for some time!

Immediately following on from ‘That Guy’ is ‘Change Your Mind’. The song continues the energetic start to the EP and the rock influence shines through once again. This country-rock crossover fits perfectly to Becky’s vocals. The strong guitar and drums compliment rather than drown out her voice, a testament to Becky’s strong vocal ability and incredible range.

‘Eyes of the lonely’ slows the pace for the second half of the EP but the rock influence remains strong. Becky’s vocal range and control is further displayed incredibly here. The slower pace does not affect the strength of Becky’s voice. Her ability to display intense emotion through her vocals is pretty impressive and is rare for many an artist to be able to produce. It is also important to note that Becky’s ability to create songs full of emotion and yet remain energetic is also a rare trait. Further to this, she has manipulated the storytelling that has come to be expected within country music to her own personal writing style, and has paired the lyrics to melodies that can sonically reproduce the strong emotions conveyed by her lyrics.

To complete the EP is ‘Still Come Home to You’. My personal favourite track on the EP, Becky’s vocal control is apparent from the start. The harmonies on the track compliment Becky’s voice and adds depth to the track. A perfect song to work or relax to, this is currently my go to track that I recommended to friends. A truly great end to a great EP.

Becky really is a gem within the British country music scene. Her ability to create an EP with just 4 songs and display her vocal and writing talents in just a few minutes is impressive. There are surely great things to come for Becky.

Rating: 4.5/5

1) That Guy
2) Change Your Mind
3) Eyes of the Lonely
4) Still Come Home to You

Review written by Liam Lewis

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