Lily Garland – Queen of the World

Next week sees the official video release for Lily Garland’s new single ‘Queen of the World’. The song is the opening track to Lily’s recent ‘The Next Chapter’ EP. Here is what I wrote about the song when I reviewed it back in the summer – “The EP starts with ‘Queen of the World’ and the twangy guitar in the introduction to the song immediately had me on board. This is just a great opener, where you feel fully on the side of the lady in the song who has had it tough but is fighting back – the vocals are just great and the added feistiness in Lily’s voice towards the end of the song just grabs you with both hands.”

I’d add that the song is just perfect for this time of year, ideal perhaps as a New Year’s anthem. Look out for the excellent video to the song coming real soon!

To download ‘Queen of the World’ and the rest of the fantastic ‘The Next Chapter’ click here

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