Liv Austen releases ‘Don’t Regret a Single One’

It’s been a busy 24 hours for Liv Austen! Last night she played a headline gig in London, while the gig was going on, we named Liv’s ‘The Next Time’ as our single of the year, and today she has a new single out. They say good things come in three, and this is certainly the case, when you hear this new song. Some of you might be familiar with the song, as it’s a reworking of a previous release (and an amazing job has been done with it) – while if you’re hearing it for the first time, you’re in for a treat. ‘Don’t Regret a Single One’ looks back on past relationships. In a recent interview, Liv told us:

“I was having one of those “I have HAD it with men!”-days! However, I didn’t want to give a guy the power to bring me down, so I decided to look back at past relationships I had that didn’t end well and just… laugh at them, really. I am a big believer in not spending time and energy regretting things you’ve done, because you learn from every experience. So I decided to deal with my situation by writing a fun anthem, rather than an angry breakup song!”

You can download the single using the links below and give it a listen on Spotify too!


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