Takeover Tuesday Featuring Kellie Pickler and Whitney Rose

Today sees the continuation of a new feature on Belles and Gals – Takeover Tuesday. We’ll invite both artists and followers to take part, introducing a pair of songs that are close to their heart. We continue today with team member Astrid – you might know her from our daily round of video shouts and her fine work on Twitter, but this is only the second piece ever written piece by our Norwegian team member!

Astrid – “I love this song. It’s a beautiful, self biographical ballad about Kellie and her relationship with her mum, who was absent her whole childhood. That the lyrics are from real life, make them even stronger. And it’s a bonus that the video is shot at The Ryman, The Mother Church of Country Music, which I visited when I was in Nashville.

Astrid – “What can I say about this song except that it’s a fun, clever, well written and catchy song? And I love Whitney’s twangy voice, which is made for country music. This was the first Whitney Rose song I listened to, and the song that made me listen to more of her music. Why not blame the devil when you have done something you don’t want to admit you’ve done, right?”


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